Makro-Pic Seminar: Economic Development in the Very Long Run

Block Seminar: Friday and Saturday, January, 19th, 2018 (Oec 2.157), and 20th (1.164)
Kickoff Meeting: October, 26th, 2017 1-2pm (ZHG 1.142).
Registration: November, 6th-15th 2017. Prep Lecture: How to write a Seminar Paper: November, 23rd, 4-5pm (VG 2.105)
Final Prep Meeting: January, 11th, 11-12am (Room TO.132)
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Supervision: Dr. Katharina Werner: email   Matthias Beulmann: email
Course material for participants is available at the course material webpage


1. Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch

Reference: Ashraf, Q. and Galor, O., 2011, Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch: Theory and Evidence, American Economic Review 101, 2003-2041.

2. Long-Run Cultural Divergence

Reference: Olsson, O., and Paik, C. (2016). Long-run cultural divergence: Evidence from the Neolithic Revolution. Journal of Development Economics, 122, 197-213.

3. Long-Run Social Mobility

References: Clark, G., and Cummins, N. (2014). Surnames and social mobility in England, 1170–2012. Human Nature, 25(4), 517-537.
Clark, G., and Cummins, N. (2015). Intergenerational wealth mobility in England, 1858–2012: Surnames and social mobility. The Economic Journal, 125(582), 61-85.

4. The European Origins of Economic Development

Reference: Easterly, W., and Levine, R. (2016). The European origins of economic development. Journal of Economic Growth, 21(3), 225-257.

5. Human Capital and Industrialization

Reference: Squicciarini, M. P., and Voigtländer, N. (2015). Human Capital and Industrialization: Evidence from the Age of Enlightenment. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(4), 1825-1883.

6. Human Capital and Innovation

Reference: Cinnirella, F., and Streb, J. (2017). The role of human capital and innovation in economic development: evidence from post-Malthusian Prussia. Journal of Economic Growth, 1-35.

7. The Longevity of Famous People

Reference: De la Croix, D., and Licandro, O. (2015). The longevity of famous people from Hammurabi to Einstein. Journal of Economic Growth, 20(3), 263-303.

8. Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences

Reference: Andersen, T. B., Dalgaard, C. J., and Selaya, P. (2016). Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences. Review of Economic Studies, 83(4), 1334-1363.

9. The Global Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity

Reference: Henderson, J. V., Squires, T. L., Storeygard, A., and Weil, D. N. (2016). The Global Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: Nature, History, and the Role of Trade (No. w22145). National Bureau of Economic Research.

10. Agriculture, Transportation and the Timing of Urbanization

Reference: Motamed, M.J., Florax, R.J., and Masters, W. A. (2014). Agriculture, transportation and the timing of urbanization: Global analysis at the grid cell level. Journal of Economic Growth, 19(3), 339-368.

11. Path Dependence of Economic Activity

Reference: Bleakley, H., and Lin, J. (2012). Portage and Path Dependence. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 127(2), 587-644.

12. The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development

Reference: Dalgaard, C.J., Knudsen, A.S.B., and Selaya, P. (2015). The Bounty of the Sea and Long-run development, Disccussion Paper, University of Copenhagen.

13. Modern Gender Roles and Agricultural History

Reference: Hansen, C.W., Jensen, P.S., and Skovsgaard, C.V. (2015). Modern gender roles and agricultural history: the Neolithic inheritance. Journal of Economic Growth, 20(4), 365-404.

14. Cross-Country Heterogeneity in Risk Preferences

Reference: Becker, A., Dohmen, T., Enke, B., and Falk, A. (2014). The ancient origins of the cross-country heterogeneity in risk preferences. Discussion Paper.

15. The Nature of Conflict

Reference: Arbatli, C.E., Ashraf, Q.H., and Galor, O. (2015). The nature of conflict (No. w21079). National Bureau of Economic Research.

ggf: The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade, and Economic Development (#11) Luigi Pascali, AER 2017