Makro-Pic Advanced Economic Growth

Summer Term 2021: Digital Course
Fridays: 10:15-11:45
The course starts April 16th
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Textbook: Acemoglu, D., 2009, Introduction to Modern Economic Growth and selected journal articles.
Course material for participants is available at the course material webpage

Neoclassical Growth

1. Recap: The Solow Model

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 2, Chapter 3.3.

2. The Neoclassical Growth Model

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 8

3. First Generation Models of Endogenous Growth

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 11.

Endogenous Technological Change

4. Expanding Variety Models

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 13

5. Schumpeterian Growth

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 14.1

6. Directed Technological Change

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 15.1-15.3.

7. Technology Diffusion

Reference: Acemoglu Chapter 18.1-18.4

Recent Developments

8. Skills, Tasks and Technologies

References: Acemoglu, D., and Autor, D. (2011). Skills, tasks and technologies: Implications for employment and earnings. In: Handbook of Labor Economics (Vol. 4, pp. 1043-1171). Elsevier.

9. Artificial Intelligence and Economic Growth

Reference: Aghion, P., Jones, B. F., and Jones, C. I. (2017). Artificial intelligence and economic growth (No. w23928). National Bureau of Economic Research.

10. Automation and the Labor Market

References: Acemoglu, D., and Restrepo, P. (2019). Automation and new tasks: how technology displaces and reinstates labor. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33(2), 3-30.
Acemoglu, D., and Restrepo, P. (2018). The race between man and machine: Implications of technology for growth, factor shares, and employment. American Economic Review, 108(6), 1488-1542.

11. The Environment and Directed Technical Change

Reference: Reference: Acemoglu, D., Aghion, P., Bursztyn, L., and Hemous, D., 2012. The environment and directed technical change. American Economic Review, 102(1), 131-66.