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korea Development: Macro Aspects

In this PhD course we investigate how the long-run macroeconomic performance of countries is affected by deep determinants: policy, institutions, governance, and culture. In this framework we also investigate the special role of income inequality within and between countries.

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Makro-Pic Advanced Macroeconomics

Master course. Topics: economic groth, business cycles, unemployment, consumption, investment, monetary and fiscal policy.

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oil pump Resource and Environmental Economics

Master course. Themes covered: Growth and natural ressources, sustainable growth, renewable and non-renewable natural resources, the resource curse, growth and environmental pollution, global warming.

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UN Conference Hall International Political Economy

Master course. Topics: direct and representative democracy, voting in international organisations, lobbying, collective action, economics of alliances, trade wars, trade negotiations, GATT and WTO, custom unions, free trade areas and the EU, protection for sale, globalization.

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UN Conference Hall Open Economy Macroeconomics

Master course. Topics: Determinants of the current account, global imbalences, twin deficits, sovereign debt, the European debt crisis, and more.

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Cycles-Pic Business Cycle Theory

Master course. Topics: Measuring business cycles, multiplier-accelerator mechanisms, monetarism, new Keynesian macro, real business cycles, financial frictions, fiscal stimulus, the Great Depression, the recession of 2007-2009.

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two plants Growth and Development

In this Bachelor course we investigate the problem why some countries are so much richer than others. In the first part we analyse the role of investment, education, health, and population growth in economic development. In the second part we focus on technolgical progress. We investigate the measurement of productivity, the Industrial Revolution, die role of basic research and imitation, and the Schumpeterian process of "creative destruction".

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long-run Death and Development

Seminar. Themes: The determinants of mortality, disease and development, Mortality decline and economic growth, The demographic transition, Longevity and lifetime labor supply, The quantity and quality of life, and more...

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inequality Economics of the Very Long Run: Inequality

Seminar. Themes: Top Incomes in the Long Run, Long-Run Wealth-Income Ratios, The Decline of the Labor Share, Inequality in Germany, Why Don’t We See Poverty Convergence?, Intergenerational Mobility, Transmission of Human Capital, and more.

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long-run Genes, Memes, and Economic Development

In this bachelor seminar on economic development in the very long run we explore the role of genetic and cultural transmission of human characteristics and traits for economic performance at the individual level and for the aggregate performance of societies from pre-Columbian times until the present day. Themes: The Out of Africa Hypothesis. Persistence of Fortune. Ethnic Diversity and Economic Outcomes. Transmission of Risk and Trust Attitudes. And more...

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long-run New Developments in International Economics: Cities and Development

In this master seminar we investigate the economic, geographic, and politcal determinants of city size and growth, the impact of economic development on urbanization, the evolution of city size in developed vs. developing countries, the role of cities for innovation and growth, the features of cities as networks and more.

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long-run Education and Long-Run Development

Bachelor Seminar. Themes: Does Schooling Cause Growth?; The Race between Education and Technology; Human Capital and Technology Diffusion; Do Better Schools Lead to More Growth?; Human Capital and Institutions; The Trade-off between Fertility and Education; and more.

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long-run Migrants and Refugees

Master Seminar. Themes: the effect of migration on wages and unemployment in the host country, the impact of migratin on taxes and redistribution, the impact of immigration on crime and voting for the extreme right, the differences between refugees and economic migrants, European asylum policy, and more.

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long-run Economics of Terrorism

Bachelor Seminar. Themes: The Mind of the Terrorist; The Roots of Terrorism; Does Terrorism Work?; Terrorism, Backlash, and the Assimilation of Muslim Immigrants; The Effect of Political Violence on Religiosity; Ethnicity, Insurgency and Civil War; and more.

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long-run Globalization 2.0: Offshoring, Trade in Tasks, and the Labor Market

Master Seminar. Themes: Global Value Chains; Offshoring and Wages; Job Polarization; The Declining Middle Class; Offshoring and Labor Standards; and more.

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long-run Economics of Islam

Bachelor Seminar. Themes: Does Religion Affect Growth and Happiness?; Democratic Change in the Arab World; A Theory of Islamic Revival; The Institutional Legacy of the Ottoman Empire, The Effect of Ramadan Observance During Pregnancy; and more.

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oil pump Environmental and Resource Economics

Master Seminar. Themes: Sustainability and the Measurement of Wealth; Kyoto and the Carbon Footprint of Nations, The Environmental Kuznets Curve; The Environment and Directed Technical Change; The Green Paradox; and more.

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Makro-Pic Economic Development in the Very Long Run

Bachelor Seminar. Themes: Dynamics and Stagnation in the Mathusian Epoch; Long-run Cultural Divergence; Long-Run Social Mobility; The Origins of Development; Human Capital and Industrialization; and more.

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Makro-Pic The Past and Future of Work

Master Seminar. Themes: The Race between Education and Technology; The Skill Content of Technological Change; Job Polarization; The Decline of the Labor Share; Robots at Work; The Rise of German Wage Inequality; and more. , and more.

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