Makro-Pic Seminar: Health and Development

Lecture number: 800919
Block Seminar: Friday, June 18th, and Saturday, June 19th, 2021
Location: tba
Kickoff Meeting: April 20th, 9-10am, Room: tba
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Registration (FlexNow): April, 30 -- May 15
Prep Lecture: How to write a Seminar Paper: May 6th, 4-5pm
Final Prep Meeting: June 8th, 9-10am
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Due to the pandemic the seminar will take place on digital platforms

Supervision: Dr. Katharina Werner: email
Course material for participants is available at the course material webpage


1. Pandemics, Places, and Populations: Evidence from the Black Death.

Reference: Jedwab, R., Johnson, N.D., & Koyama, M. (2019). Pandemics, places, and populations: evidence from the Black Death, Ifo Discussion Paper.

2. Microbes and Markets: Was the Black Death an Economic Revolution?

Reference: Clark, G. (2016). Microbes and Markets: Was the Black Death an Economic Revolution?. Journal of Demographic Economics, 82(2), 139-165.

3. The Spanish Flu Pandemic

Reference: Barro, R. J., Ursúa, J. F., & Weng, J. (2020). The coronavirus and the great influenza pandemic: Lessons from the “spanish flu” for the coronavirus’s potential effects on mortality and economic activity (No. w26866). National Bureau of Economic Research.

4. Health and the Economy in the United States from 1750 to the Present

Reference: Costa, D.L. (2015). Health and the Economy in the United States from 1750 to the Present. Journal of Economic Literature, 53(3), 503-70.

5. Death and Development

Reference: Lorentzen, P., J. McMillan, R. Wacziarg (2008). Death and Development, Journal of Economic Growth 13, 81-124.

6. Health and Economic Growth: Reconciling the Micro and Macro Evidence

Reference: Bloom, D. E., Canning, D., Kotschy, R., Prettner, K., & Schünemann, J. J. (2019). Health and economic growth: reconciling the micro and macro evidence (No. w26003). National Bureau of Economic Research.

7. The Rise in Life Expectancy and Economic Growth in the 20th Century

Reference: Hansen, C.W., and Lønstrup, L. (2015). The rise in life expectancy and economic growth in the 20th century. The Economic Journal, 125(584), 838-852.

8. The International Epidemiological Transition and the Education Gender Gap

Reference: Klasing, M. J., & Milionis, P. (2020). The international epidemiological transition and the education gender gap. Journal of Economic Growth, 25(1), 37-86.

9. Health and Economic Development — Evidence from the Introduction of Public Health Care

References: Strittmatter, A., and Sunde, U. (2013). Health and economic development—evidence from the introduction of public health care. Journal of Population Economics, 26(4), 1549-1584..

10. Bismarck’s Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline

Reference: Bauernschuster, S., Driva, A., & Hornung, E. (2020). Bismarck’s health insurance and the mortality decline. Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(5), 2561-2607.

11. Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences

Reference: Andersen, T.B., Dalgaard, C. J., and Selaya, P. (2016). Climate and the emergence of global income differences. The Review of Economic Studies, 83(4), 1334-1363.

12. Limited Life Expectancy, Human Capital and Health Investments

Reference: Oster, E., Shoulson, I., and Dorsey, E. (2013). Limited life expectancy, human capital and health investments. American Economic Review, 103(5), 1977-2002.

13. Worms at Work: Long-Run Impacts of a Child Health Investment

Reference: Baird, S., Hicks, J.H., Kremer, M., and Miguel, E. (2016). Worms at work: long-run impacts of a child health investment. Quarterly Journal of Economics 131(4), 1637–1680.

14. Mortality Risk and Human Capital Investment: The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Reference: Fortson, J.G. (2011). Mortality risk and human capital investment: the impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Review of Economics and Statistics 93(1), 1–15.

15. The Effect of the Tsetse Fly on African Development

Reference: Alsan, M. (2015). The effect of the tsetse fly on African development. American Economic Review, 105(1), 382-410.

16. International Medical Technology Diffusion

Reference: Papageorgiou, C., Savvides, A., and Zachariadis, M. (2007). International medical technology diffusion. Journal of International Economics, 72(2), 409-427.