Makro-Pic Seminar: Health and Development

Lecture number: 800991
Block Seminar: Friday, June 22th, and Saturday, June 23th, 2018
Location: ZHG 1.141
Kickoff Meeting: 13.4.2018, 1pm, Room 1.165
Application until 19.4.2018
Flex Now: 24.4.-- 6.5.2018
Essay submission: 4.6.2018, 9am
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Supervision: Dr Ana Abeliansky: email   Viacheslav Yakubenko: email
Course material for participants is available at the course material webpage


1. Death and Development

Reference: Lorentzen, P., J. McMillan, R. Wacziarg (2008). Death and Development, Journal of Economic Growth 13, 81-124.

2. Plague, War, and Urbanization in Early Modern Europe

Reference: Voigtländer, N., and Voth, H.J. (2012). The three horsemen of riches: Plague, war, and urbanization in early modern Europe. Review of Economic Studies, 80(2), 774-811.

3. Health and the Economy in the United States from 1750 to the Present

Reference: Costa, D.L. (2015). Health and the Economy in the United States from 1750 to the Present. Journal of Economic Literature, 53(3), 503-70.

4. Coal Smoke and Mortality in an Early Industrial Economy

Reference: Beach, B., and Hanlon, W.W. (2018). Coal smoke and mortality in an early industrial economy. The Economic Journal, forthcoming.

5. The Relationship between Health and Growth: when Lucas Meets Nelson-Phelps

Reference: Aghion, P., Howitt, P., and Murtin, F. (2010). The relationship between health and growth: when Lucas meets Nelson-Phelps (No. w15813). National Bureau of Economic Research.

6. Accounting for the Effect of Health on Economic Growth

Reference: Weil, D.N. (2007). Accounting for the Effect of Health on Economic Growth, The Quarterly Journal of Economics 122, 1265-1306.

7. Does Mortality Decline Promote Economic Growth?

Reference: Kalemli-Ozcan, S. (2002). Does the mortality decline promote economic growth?, Journal of Economic Growth 7, 411-439.

8. Life Epectancy and Human Capital

Reference: Hansen, C.W. (2013). Life expectancy and human capital: Evidence from the international epidemiological transition. Journal of Health Economics, 32(6), 1142-1152.

9. The Rise in Life Expectancy and Economic Growth in the 20th Century

Reference: Hansen, C.W., and Lønstrup, L. (2015). The rise in life expectancy and economic growth in the 20th century. The Economic Journal, 125(584), 838-852.

10. Does Longevity Cause Growth?

Reference: Hazan, M., H. Zoabi (2006). Does Longevity Cause Growth? A theoretical Critique, Journal of Economic Growth 11, 363-376.

11. Life Expectancy and Economic Growth: The Role of the Demographic Transition

Reference: Sunde, U., M. Cervellati: Life Expectancy and Economic Growth (2009). The Role of the Demographic Transition, Journal of Economic Growth 14, 1-35.

12. Health and Economic Development — Evidence from the Introduction of Public Health Care

References: Strittmatter, A., and Sunde, U. (2013). Health and economic development—evidence from the introduction of public health care. Journal of Population Economics, 26(4), 1549-1584..

13. AIDS and Africas Growth Tragedy

Reference: Young, A. (2006). The Gift of the Dying: The Tragedy of Aids and the Welfare of Future African Generations, Quarterly Journal of Economics 120, 423--466.

14. The Indirect Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy

Reference: Baranov, V., Bennett, D., and Kohler, H. P. (2015). The indirect impact of antiretroviral therapy: mortality risk, mental health, and HIV-negative labor supply. Journal of Health Economics, 44, 195-211.

15. Are Cardiovascular Diseases Bad for Economic Growth?

Reference: Suhrcke, M., and D. Urban (2010). Are cardiovascular diseases bad for economic growth?, Health Economics 19, 1478--1496.

16. Gender Roles and Medical Progress

Reference: Albanesi, S., and Olivetti, C. (2016). Gender roles and medical progress. Journal of Political Economy, 124(3), 650-695.

17. Limited Life Expectancy, Human Capital and Health Investments

Reference: Oster, E., Shoulson, I., and Dorsey, E. (2013). Limited life expectancy, human capital and health investments. American Economic Review, 103(5), 1977-2002.

18. Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences

Reference: Andersen, T.B., Dalgaard, C. J., and Selaya, P. (2016). Climate and the emergence of global income differences. The Review of Economic Studies, 83(4), 1334-1363.

19. International Medical Technology Diffusion

Reference: Papageorgiou, C., Savvides, A., and Zachariadis, M. (2007). International medical technology diffusion. Journal of International Economics, 72(2), 409-427.