Makro-Pic Growth and Development Economics

Tuesday 12:45 - 14:15 in I-063
Lecture number: 800877
Time and Place: Mi 12-14   ZHG 101
Main Text: David Weil: Economic Growth, Pearson, 2009.
Course material for participants is available at the course material webpage
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Course Plan

Theme I: Factor Accumulation

1. Introduction

Reference: Weil Chapter 1-2.

2. Capital Accumulation

Reference: Weil Chapter 3.1-3.4.

3. The Overlapping Generations Model

Reference: Acemoglu (2009) Introduction to Modern Economic Growth, Chapter 9.

4. Population and Economic Growth

Reference: Weil Chapter 4.1-4.2.

5. The Demographic Transition

Reference: Weil Chapter 4.3-4.5.

6. Human Capital: Health

Reference: Weil Chapter 6.1.

7. Human Capital: Education

Reference: Weil Chapter 6.2-6.3.

8. Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries?

Reference: Lucas Jr, R., 1990, Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries? American Economic Review, Vol. 80, 92-96.
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Theme II: Productivity

1. Measuring Productivity

Reference: Weil Chapter 7.

2.The Role of Technology in Growth

Reference: Weil Chapter 8.

3. The Production of Technological Change

Reference: Weil Chapter 9.2-9.3
C. Jones, Introduction to Economic Growth, Norton, 1998, Chapter 5.

4. Technology and Growth in the Past

Reference: Weil Chapter 4.1 and 9.1
Michael Kremer, M., 1993, Population Growth and Technological Change: One Million B.C. to 1990, Quarterly Journal of Economics 108, 681-716.
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5. The Production of Technological Change

Reference: Jones Chapter 5
Original article: Paul Romer, 1990, Endogenous Technological Change, Journal of Political Economy Vol. 98, 71-102
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6. Creative Destruction

Reference: Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt, 2006, Growth with Quality-Improving Innovations: An Integrated Framework , Handbook of Economic Growth, Chapter 2.1.
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7. Structural Change

Reference: Weil Appendix to Chapter 10
Matsuyama, K., 1992, Agricultural Productivity, Comparative Advantage, and Long-Run Growth, Journal of Economic Theory 58, 317-334.
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8. Technology and Efficiency

Reference: Weil Chapter 10.

9. Openness, Diffusion of Technology, and Economic Growth

Reference: Weil Chapter 11.
Paul Krugman, 1979, A Model of Innovation, Technology Transfer, and the World Distribution of Income, Journal of Political Economy 87, 253-266.
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